• Ryan Shah

8 Titans Test Positive for COVID-19

Two days after the Tennessee Titans take a 31-30 victory over the Minnesota Vikings, Titans have just sent out a statement saying that 3 players and 5 personnel have tested POSITIVE for the COVID-19 virus. It has been confirmed that all Vikings players have tested negative for the virus, but both teams have suspended all in-person activities until Saturday. This alone is in no way going to cause a league-wide shutdown, as teams have been informed to carry on as usual. The Steelers-Titans and Vikings-Texans games this Sunday are expected to be postponed. However, the Steelers have been informed to carry on as usual as if the game will still be played. Still awaiting for information on what would happen if the game gets postponed; when will it be postponed to, what this means for bye weeks, etc. This information will likely be released when it's officially announced if they will play or not.

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