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Ranking all 32 Starting NFL Quarterbacks (25-32)

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

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We're going to be ranking all 32 quarterbacks that are starting for their respective NFL teams. Today, we'll be covering 25-32. Disclaimer: These will include my predictions for starting QBs for the 2020 season. So the Panthers QB on this list will be Teddy Bridgewater, not Kyle Allen . Comment ideas for new posts!!!

32. Dwayne Haskins

This was an easy decision. As much as people like to think we haven't given him much of a chance yet, Dwayne Haskins is the worst starting QB in the NFL. He had 9 games to prove himself, in which he maintained a passer rating of 76, having a TD:int ratio of 1 (1:1). He averaged just 152 yards per game. In his first NFL game, he threw 9/17, 107 yards, 3 interceptions, and had a passer rating of 32.8. And this was against the struggling Giants defense. He started improving towards the end of the season, having a 141 passer rating in his final game. Hopefully he can have a better season next year if he and Terry McLaurin can start to get in a rhythm, but for now, the Washington Football Team's starter is at 32.

31. Tyrod Taylor

Apart from Dwayne Haskins, it’s extremely fair to say that Tyrod Taylor is the worst starting quarterback in the NFL. Now, it’s very possible that Justin Herbert beats out Taylor for the week 1 start, but the most recent reports suggest Taylor will start week 1. His best season was in 2015, where he was selected to the Pro Bowl. He threw for 3035 yards, 20 TDs, 6 Int, and had 568 rush yards. Nothing absolutely spectacular, but also not too bad. Since then, he had 2 more decent seasons in Buffalo before being shipped off to Cleveland, where he lost the starting QB job to Baker Mayfield, who we’ll get to in a little bit. He did start 3 games in Cleveland, however, throwing 2TDs and 2INTs, and a passer rating of 64.5. Not an awful career, but he was average at his best, and it has been 5 years since then. He’s declining, and he didn’t start a single game last year. Prepare for Justin Herbert to get the starting job a few weeks in, if not directly at the beginning of the season.

30. Nick Foles

Nick Foles is one of the more interesting characters on this list. From being a team hopper with decent seasons, to being a super Bowl legend, Nick Foles has definitely had his ups and downs. His best regular season came in 2013. He only started 10 games, but posted 2891 yards, 27 TDs, and just 2 interceptions. That season, he posted a 119 passer rating. Ridiculous. The next season, however, he fell off, only starting 8 games, posting 13TDs and 10 interceptions. Not too pretty. Since, he bounced around to the Rams, the Chiefs, back to the Eagles, where he had the historic playoff run, and then to Jacksonville. A week 1 injury and an unexpected starter-like season from Gardner Minshew led to Nick Foles once again being shipped off, this time to Chicago. A year long Injury and not much regular season success lands Nick Foles this low on the list.

29. Tua Tagovailoa

Disclaimer: very possible Ryan Fitzmagic ends up starting week 1. It’s very hard to rank rookie quarterbacks amongst all other starters in the NFL. I think Tua will enter the league being better than the quarterbacks above him, but I don’t think he has proven himself enough to say that he’s better than Teddy B or Minshew. It’s extremely difficult. These guys have already proven themselves to be starter material, whereas these rookies are transitioning from college to the NFL. You have to accommodate for that. Yes, maybe they were the best in college, but where do they stand in the NFL. Tua tore up college football before his injury this year. The talk was all “Tua for Heisman” or “Tank for Tua”. It wasn’t until this year that the talk went away from Tua and onto Joe Burrow. Tua had an incredible college career, and if he hadn’t gotten injured this year, he’d be higher on the list. His mobility, IQ, and pure touch on his passes show that this kid is special. Expect Tua to move up a good amount on this list next year, or as the NFL season progresses.

28. Teddy Bridgewater

Teddy Bridgewater is another interesting case on this list. He was a solid starter in Minnesota for a few years, but injuries eventually led him over to New Orleans to play under Drew Brees. When Drew Brees got hurt for 6 games, Teddy had his opportunity to prove that he still got it, and boy did he prove it. It raised some questions about Drew Brees’ legitimacy. How is it that a guy who hasn’t played in years can all of a sudden go 6-0 in the middle of the season? Is he just that good, and he’d been working hard in his time off? Or is there just that much help in New Orleans that you can’t go wrong? I personally choose to believe that it’s a combination of both. I think Teddy is the real deal, he just needs to prove that it wasn’t the Saints that carried him. New coach Matt Rhule and trying to fill the shoes of Cam Newton should show Teddy’s true colors. Expect Teddy to move up a few spots this season.

27. Gardner Minshew

Gardner Minshew quickly turned into a local legend in Jacksonville. His Uncle Rico look, being Gardner Minshew II, despite there not being a Gardner Minshew I, and his overall mannerisms make him fun to watch and lovable. In 12 game starts, he threw for 3271 yards, 21 TDs, and 6 interceptions. For someone selected as low as him in the draft, those numbers aren’t too shabby at all. There’s a reason they chose him over the Super Bowl MVP from two years ago. The only reason Minshew isn’t higher is because his game isn’t as polished. He loves to play the game, and he’s nice with it too. It’s all Minshew Magic, baby. Expect a huge jump this year from Minshew.

26. Baker Mayfield

Baker had the definition of a sophomore slump. After a decent first season, many were happy with the heisman winner and first pick's production. Baker ended the season with a 94 passer rating, highest among rookies. He showed promise, and many believed he was set to improve the following year. This year, he recorded 102 more pass yards. However, he had 21 interceptions, only 1 less than the amount of touchdowns he had. He ended the season with a horrific passer rating of 78.8, second-worst in the NFL only to Andy Dalton, who had 78.3. Many will blame Cleveland's lack of success on Freddie Kitchens, but I think Baker is also playing a huge role in wasting the talent on that team. Expect Mayfield to drop down on this list unless he seriously ups his game.

25. Drew Lock

Drew Lock is another quarterback that is just purely fun to watch. His energy on the field, cheerful mood, and sideline lip-syncing skills make him an interesting character. He stepped in when the Broncos were struggling, starting 5 games and winning 4 of them. He threw for 7 touchdowns and 3 interceptions, averaged 204 yards per game, and had a passer rating of 90. The only reason he is this low on the list is because he only played 5 games, even though those 5 games showed much promise for the future of the Denver franchise. Expect Drew Lock to move up higher on this list.

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