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Ranking all 32 Starting NFL Quarterbacks (17-24)

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

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We're going to be ranking all 32 quarterbacks that are starting for their respective NFL teams. Today, we'll be covering 9-16. Disclaimer: These will include my predictions for starting QBs for the 2020 season. So the Bengals QB on this list will be Joe Burrow, not Andy Dalton . Comment ideas for new posts!!!

24. Joe Burrow

Is it crazy to put a rookie quarterback this high up on the list? Absolutely not. Joe Burrow had the best season by a college quarterback of all time. In only 15 games, he threw for 5671 yards, 60 TDs, and only 6 interceptions. That's 370+ yards per game. Those are the kinds of numbers you put up in a madden franchise on rookie mode. Especially with rookie quarterbacks, college stats can be deceiving. But with stats this good, you can't go wrong. Joe Burrow will be a sure-fire starting NFL quarterback. Expect him to make a jump on this list.

23. Daniel Jones

The look of horror on Giants fans' faces when they heard Daniel Jones was taken with the 6th pick was unmatched. The fans wanted Haskins, the by far more appealing option to have as the next face of the franchise. Week 3 came along and it was time for Daniel Jones to make his first start. A crucial 4th down rush touchdown and botched kick by Matt Gay solidified a love for Daniel Jones in all Giants fans hearts. He led all rookie QBs in Touchdowns, TD%, and yards per attempt&completion. He was a solid year 1 quarterback overall. His largest issue is ball protection. He fumbled the ball 18 times, a ridiculous amount for a single season. Fumbling and ball protection is an overall issue that can be worked on, and Danny has been working on it all offseason, putting on 9 pounds of muscle as well. Expect a better Danny Dimes this upcoming season, and along with it, a higher place on this list come midseason rankings.

22. Philip Rivers

The move to Indianapolis was a relatively big one for Philip Rivers, given he has only been on one team up until this point (if you don't count the Giants). The Colts brought Rivers in to replace Jacoby Brissett, and in my opinion, it wasn't much of an upgrade. Yes, Rivers was 4th in passing yards this season, as he usually puts up a good amount of yards every year. He's had 7 consecutive seasons with 4000 pass yards. However, he threw 20 interceptions with only 23 touchdowns. 1000 of his yards went to Austin Ekeler. Rivers' passer rating was only 0.5 higher than Brissett's. Also, Brissett only had his number 1 weapon, TY Hilton, for 10 games this past season. I could see Rivers moving either way on this list.

21. Sam Darnold

It's not Darnold's fault that he was seeing ghosts. It's the extreme lack of support around him. The offensive line, the lack of any sort of offensive weapons, Adam Gase, etc. He has a star in the backfield in Leveon Bell, but Bell's patient running style won't work with this offensive line. Bell needs good offensive guards in order to be able to sit and hit the gaps strong. It worked in Pittsburgh, when he had Foster, Pouncey, and DeCastro as his front 3, with 2 pro bowls and 1 all-pro team selection between them that season. So Darnold has kind of been left to try and deal with all of this himself, and he's only a year 2 QB. This is the only reason he's above guys like Daniel Jones, who had a better passing season than Darnold in almost every way. Cut the guy a little slack. Even with all of this, he managed to put up 3000 yards and 19 TDs, with 13 interceptions. Not too impressive of a statline, but not bad considering the overall team struggles. If the Jets don't get themselves figure out soon, Darnold isn't moving anywhere on this list, if not down.

20. Jared Goff

Jared Goff took a huge step down from last year. Despite throwing for over 60 more attempts, Goff threw for less pass yards, less tds, more ints, and worse in every single category. There's a lot that goes into a Super Bowl team suddenly turning into a team that doesn't make the playoffs, which includes every single team in the division getting better. However, Jared Goff's decrease also somewhat contributed to their playoff failures. He was not at all the quarterback we saw last year. He wasnt all that amazing of a quarterback to begin with. His numbers are average, especially for a team that likes to pass the ball with ongoing health issues within their star running back.

19. Derek Carr

Derek Carr is one of the most underappreciated quarterbacks in the NFL. Everybody has seemed to forget about him after the season he received some MVP votes. He passed for 4000+ yards, 21TDs, and 8 interceptions. He posted a passer rating of 100.8, 9th best in the NFL. The reason he has fallen off is because he’s had less help recently. Amari Cooper leaving a few seasons ago was a big hit, as that was their only superstar player. However, there are many changes coming to the Raiders team this year. First round pick Henry Ruggs is already rated as the second fastest player in Madden. Now that isnt saying much besides he’s fast, but it adds another decent weapon for Derek Carr. Another huge factor that determines Derek Carr’s placement on this list will be how the Raiders utilize Marcus Mariota. If he ends up splittling snaps with Carr, expect Carr to drop down on this list, as he just wont put up good enough numbers to be this high on this list again.

18. Josh Allen

People have a lot of different opinions on Josh Allen. Many say he’s a great dual-threat QB who will be elite in a few years. Others say he’s overrated and can’t even throw the ball. I say he’s right in the middle. Josh Allen is a good dual-threat, but his accuracy can definitely improve. I feel like a lot of times he runs out of the pocket, he’s going to run the ball, and he plans on it as soon as he scrambles. Allen needs to improve his playmaking ability overall. He needs to use his talented legs to scramble and look for more options. That being said, he didn’t have a bad passing season either. 3k yards, 20TDs, and 9 interceptions isn’t bad for one of the more dynamic players in the league, who gets a lot of his yards on the ground, 510 this season. Allen is only this high on the list because he’s very dynamic, but if he can increase his deep ball and overall accuracy, he’ll only improve.

17. Jimmy Garoppolo

I feel like I'm going to get a lot of hate for putting Jimmy this low. Jimmy G is yet another quarterback that draws many different opinions from around the league. It’s hard to tell on a 49ers team that is run-first and possibly the most run heavy team. Jimmy had nothing but an average season, stats-wise. He was just short of 4k yards, with 27 TDs and 13 INTs. However, he made it to the Super Bowl. When you have a backfield with Mostert, who averaged the most yards per carry other than Lamar Jackson, Tevin Coleman, a big passing target, and Matt Breida (not anymore), it’s hard to make a big impact as a quarterback. It’s hard to be the centerpiece of the team when your run game is that lethal. Jimmy Garoppolo is an average quarterback, and it'll be hard for him to move up or down spots on a team like the 49ers.

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