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Ranking all 32 Starting NFL Quarterbacks (9-16)

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

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We're going to be ranking all 32 quarterbacks that are starting for their respective NFL teams. Today, we'll be covering 9-16. Disclaimer: These will include my predictions for starting QBs for the 2020 season. So the Patriots QB on this list will be Cam Newton, not Tom Brady. Comment ideas for new posts!!!

16. Kyler Murray

It’s a rare sight to see a 2nd year quarterback this high up on the list, but Kyler Murray’s talent cannot he denied. He’s one of the purest dual-threat quarterbacks in the league. What he lacks in height and power is easily made up for by his speed, agility, and sheer athleticism. There’s a reason he is the only player ever to be drafted in the first round in two different sports, not to mention in the first 10 picks. His short, choppy strides allow him to change direction fast without having to dip his hips too much, similar to Tyreek Hill. This allows him to be extremely mobile in the pocket and have unique playmaking abilities. Playing baseball and football at that level means he has a natural throwing motion. He may not have the best arm, but he throws with enough touch to make his passes catchable. Murray threw for 3700 yards and rushed for 500+ yards in 2019, winning offensive rookie of the year over favorite Josh Jacobs. With the addition of DeAndre Hopkins, expect Murray to climb this list.

15. Ryan Tannehill

Lots of people like to chalk up all the Titans’ success to King Henry, but there is absolutely no denying Tannehill’s impact on the team. With Mariota, the Titans lost games against the Colts and the Jaguars. Then Tannehill took over, beating the Chiefs, crushing the Colts and Jaguars, and beating the Texans in week 17 to earn that final playoff spot. Yes, he may have thrown less pass attempts than 28 other QBs, and yes, he didn’t even throw for 3000 yards this season, but he only started 10 games. The key is in the efficiency of these 10 games. He had the highest amount of yards per completion&attempt, at 13.6 and 9.6. He also finished the season with the highest passer rating in the league, earning his first pro-bowl selection. Yes, the Titans were a run-first team, but when they passed the ball, boy were they effective.

14. Cam Newton

I understand that I’m being very generous by putting Cam Newton up this high on the list. Coming off an injury, he just doesn't look the same as he did a few years ago, let alone his MVP season. We've all seen his training videos. He definitely seems to be working hard, but he just doesn't look the same off of that left foot. Still, let's not forget that Cam is still one of the most dynamic players in the league. He can still move and extend plays with his feet, stand in the pocket and sling it, use his big frame to body defenders, and run the ball himself. This season, he looks to achieve the 5k rush yards mark, joining Michael Vick as the only QBs to ever do so. Cam has the potential to move up on this list, depending on how Belichick decides to use him. Let's see if the greatest coach of all time can find a way to make this 31 year-old QB great again.

13. Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins is also one of the most under-appreciated quarterbacks in the league. Everybody likes to joke around that he can't play in primetime, but that doesn't say anything about his overall performance. He is definitely a clutch quarterback, able to hit throws like the one to Adam Thielen to set up the game-winning play to defeat the Saints in the wild card. Kirk failed to post his 5th consecutive 4000 yard season. This was party due to the fact that the Vikings shifted to a slightly more run-based scheme. However, efficiency is key here. Cousins placed in the top 10 of almost every category that matters. Completion %, TDs, passer rating, yards per attempt, and int % to just name a few. Cousins is one of the more efficient passers in the NFL, but unless the Viking change their scheme again, don't expect him to move that much on this list.

12. Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford would be a top 10 QB if his 2019 season and career wasn't hindered by injury. Even though he only played 8 games, Stafford was on track for a career season. He was set to pass for almost 5000 yards and 36 TDs. He was set to record the best passer rating of his career, the first time it has gone over 100. He played the first 8 games, and his first 8 games were a lot harder than his last would be. The season was only going to get easier. Stafford plays with ferocity and a pure love for the game. Never forget when he yelled at the trainers to get the off of him so he could play the last game-winning snap, even after injuring his shoulder the previous play. When he gets going, it's hard to stop him.

11. Ben Roethlisberger

Don't let his injury distract you from the face that Big Ben is one of the most dominant quarterbacks of his time. Consistently leading his team to the playoffs with a relentless air attack, Roethlisberger strikes fear in every secondary's hearts. Ben led the league in pass yards the last season he was healthy, 2018. He put up a whopping 5000 pass yards in one of the best seasons of his career. However, an aging Roethlisberger, having missed an entire season due to injury, is bound to be shaky. Plus, he doesn't have the most dominant wide receiver of the 2010s to pass to, Antonio Brown. He also doesn't have Le'Veon Bell in his backfield anymore. We'll see if Big Ben can lift this offense up again to compliment one of the best defenses in the NFL to produce a solid contender.

10. Matt Ryan

I think we kind of all forgot that Matty Ice won MVP just a few seasons ago. Matt Ryan's 2016 season was an amazing one. It will be hard for him to ever put those kinds of numbers up again. Still, Matt Ryan continues to be a consistent piece of the Falcons team. Sure, Matt Ryan just barely had an average season this year, but he still did well in some areas. He led the league in completions, and was top 10 in completion %, pass yards, and TDs. The only area of concern was the turnovers; Matt Ryan posted 14 interceptions, the 6th most in the league. Still, besides Julio Jones, Matt Ryan is the least of the Falcons' concerns right now. Matt Ryan has now thrown for 9 consecutive 4000 yard seasons, the longest active streak in the NFL, and the second-longest streak of all time, behind Brees (2006-2017). If the Falcons can get their act together, Matt Ryan has the potential to move up on this list.

9. Tom Brady

The greatest quarterback of all time had a season of change. Brady fell off slightly this year, having the worst TD% of his career, the worst yards per attempt since 2003, and his second-lowest QB rating of the past decade. Brady just barely reached the 4000 yard mark on 613 attempts, which is 100 more attempts than Russell Wilson, who threw for 53 more yards than him. Tensions between Brady, Belichick, and Kraft were also at an all-time high. It was time for Brady to leave and start a new chapter somewhere else. He's teamed up with the Bucs to create the best offense on paper in the NFL, possibly the best we've seen in a long time. The GOAT QB, a legendary HC, the best WR duo in the NFL, a top 3 TE of all time, an all-decade RB in LeSean McCoy to take a lead in the backfield, and a revamped offensive line with new addition freak athlete Tristan Wirfs. This offense is scary. If they can put everything together properly, Tom Brady had a good shot of moving up on this list, but not by that much. It'll be hard to tell whether Brady is still great, or if he just has a ton of help.

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