• Ryan Shah

Titans-Steelers Rescheduled

The NFL has announced that Sunday's Titans-Steelers game will be postponed to some time later in the season. This news comes after it was announced on September 30th that 1 more player had tested positive, and now today it has been announced that another player and personnel member have tested positive as well. This brings the total number up to 5 titans players and 6 personnel. Teams such as the Vikings continue to have negative tests, but the Titans organization has suspended all in-person football activities indefinitely.

Assuming the Titans will be able to suit up for week 5, it is likely that week 4 will act as both the Steelers' and Titans' bye week. We're yet to find out when it has been postponed to, but it will likely be incorporated as an extra primetime game some time later in the season.